Mountain Villa Modrava

Modrava, Czech Republic, 2009

The house is situated inside the Šumava National Park and is built in a way that allows fascinating views of the opposite slopes of the park across the valley. The aim was to minimise the visual impact of the house on its surroundings and conform it to the scenery to look like its natural component. It is an unconventionally designed building, making a strong response to the local natural environment, its position and the character of its surroundings. By being embedded in the ground, having a green roof, stone and wooden faces and tree trunks, the house merges in with the surrounding scenery. It is set in a gentle slope in a way that allows the meadow to “flow over” onto its rooftop. Embedding the house in the ground made it possible to create a generous interior without fear of showing too much. The underground features an extensive garage, swimming pool, sauna, large social and residential spaces, a kitchen, a dining room, a wine cellar, several bedrooms with separate dressing rooms and bathrooms, guest suites, technological rooms, etc. Patios illuminating the inside of the house bring not only light but also airiness and relaxation. The house faces the country with a two-storey facade, shielded with a protruding roof and braced with irregularly spaced tree trunks. The large glass areas and patios connect the interior with the exterior, making the exterior penetrate the house. The visual impact – reflection – of the glass areas is suppressed by sinking them deep inside the house.