Villa Juarezova

Prague, Czech Republic, 2005

This two-generation villa offering comforts corresponding to present-day housing requirements was created in the residential quarter of Prague Bubeneč by converting a building that could no longer meet its users’ requirements. The ground floor of the original building was preserved, and a two-storey L-shaped extension was added on top of it. This resulted in two separate units, each with its own entrance. The grandmother’s unit on the ground floor was extended with a new entrance hall and new facilities, and the rest was generally redesigned. The other unit, for the daughter and her husband and two children, is laid out on two levels and has a separate entrance with a dressing room on the ground floor. The first floor is divided into a day zone and a children’s zone. The day zone is centered around a richly glazed south-western facade, open towards the front garden.  The interwoven spaces of the kitchen, dining room and living room with a fireplace make up a free-flowing space, culminating in a corbelled loggia, connecting the interior with the exterior. The children’s zone – two children’s rooms, a bathroom and a play room – is located by the more private north-eastern facade towards the rear garden. The offset top floor contains a master bedroom, incorporating a bathroom that is separated neither visually not physically. The toilet is a separated hidden cell. The bedroom has a door to a wooden terrace with a garden. The white smooth plaster, the silver aluminium windows, a simple fence and sidewalk made of yellow travertine lend the house a simple yet formal character, corresponding to the feel of the area. The house interior is a variegated harmony of materials and colors, enhanced with the cool elegance of stainless steel details.